Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Confident Group Reviews by Customers Staying in Confident Homes

1.      Dear Confident Group. Overall had a good experience and we got the same at the expected time. Thank you
Mr. Ratheesh S P
Flat No – 1606,
Confident Antlia-lll, Bangalore

2.      Dear Confident Group. As a resident, we feel very much proud of the 7 star rating by CRISIL to our project. The award is the result of highly dedicated Confident Group staff Kochi who worked sincerely under the Chairman Dr Roy C.J. We congratulate all your staff in winning this award.
Lt Col. Nair N.G
Flat No 202,
Confident Atria III, Kochi

3.      Dear Confident Group. Right from sales manager to commercial manager to customer support the experience is great and confident reputation has been held high.
Mr. Suresh Rajan
Flat No – 308, Block – E
Confident Atik (Bangalore)

4.      Dear Confident Group. Overall good, value for money.
Mrs. Lakshmi Shankar Ramachandran
Flat No - 111, Block – D
Confident Atik, Bangalore

5.      Dear Confident Group. Dealing with your group was smooth. I am happy with the way Mr. Ajith from the Customer support team responds to queries
Mr. Arvind Mohanvelu
Flat No - 206, Block – C
Confident Atik, Bangalore

6.      Dear Confident Group. Good quality work and approachable site engineer.
Mr. Satheesh Madampath
Flat No - 501,
Antlia-III, Bangalore

7.      Dear Confident Group. Responsive staff, co-operative staff both at office and site.
Mr. Kshitij Mukesh Verma
Flat No - 205, Block – D
Confident Atik, Bangalore

8.      Dear Confident Group. Good quality work.
Mr. Premjith Kumar Varma
Flat No – 601,
Antlia-III, Bangalore

9.      Dear Confident Group. Happy with the quality of work, site engineer has always been helpful and approachable.
Mr. Sajeev Madampath
Flat No - 502,
Antlia-III, Bangalore

10.  Dear Confident Group. Thanks a lot. I hear great things about the apartment from my parents after seeing it.
Mr. Anoop Koshy Philip
Flat No – 806,
Confident Atria III, Kochi

11.  Dear Confident Group. Mr. Ajith was very helpful. Good job appreciated. Keep it up.
Mr. Arun Deepak
Flat No - 111, Block – C
Confident Atik, Bangalore

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