Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Suvarna TV Big Boss Season 2 - Confident Group

At Confident Iris Hotel Bangalore: Chairman Dr. Roy C.J Handing Over Confident Aquila Flat Key to The Suvarna TV Big Boss Season 2 Winner Mr. Akul Balaji

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Confident Group Reviews by Customers Staying in Confident Homes

Here are some more reviews shared by customers about Confident-Group.

1.      Dealing with your group was smooth. I am happy with the way Mr. Ajith from the Customer support team responds to queries.
Mr. Arvind Mohanvelu
Flat No - 206, Block – C
Confident Atik, Bangalore

2.      Dear Confident Group.Very good construction. I feel very spacious and classy look
Mr. Joyce John and Mr. Dayana Thomas
Flat No - OR 1608,
Confident Althena, Trivandrum

3.      Dear Confident Group.The Pooja function was well organized. A lot of executives were present to answer to my queries. Colour co-ordination was very good. Basic tiles and completion are of good quality and taste.
Mr. Ajith Nair
Flat No - OR 1607,
Confident Althena, Trivandrum

4.      Dear Confident Group. Response to customers and interaction is good. Good projects under the budget and well organized.
Mr. Prashant Warrier
Flat No - G15, Block – D
Confident Atik, Bangalore

5.      Dear Confident Group. Quick response to our queries by Mr. Siddanth and Mr. Vivek.. Have delivered everything as committed.
Mr. Nandhakishor Kuruppath
Villa No – 57,
Confident Bellatrix, Bangalore

6.      "Site engineering team's support was commendable. Customer Support was good."
Mr. Sajith Mouvery
Flat No – 412,
Block – B, Confident Atik

7.      Intime delivery. Mr.Sajo at the work place was really cooperative.
Mr. Unnikrishnan P M
Flat No - 107, B – Block
Confident Atik, Bangalore

8.      Responses to the queries are fine and are clear.
Mr. V Sanand Gopal
Flat No - 311, B – Block
Confident Atik, Bangalore

9.      Overall interaction was good & the staff was very cooperative.
Mr. Ashok Ganesh Joshi
Flat No – 212 A, D - Block
Confident Atik, Bangalore

10.  Some response in general cooperative and good.
Mr. Abdul Ghani
Flat No – 606,
Antlia III, Bangalore

11.  Thanks to Ajith & Santosh to make it happen. Please complete all promised amenities, so that the flat becomes luxury.
Mr. Nirup Urs M
Flat No – 104,
Antlia III, Bangalore

12.  It is really nice experience to buy the Confident property. In future I would like to buy again some property from Confident Group. Commitment of the group is excellent
Mr. Tamal Roy
Flat No – 308, Block – C
Confident Atik, Bangalore

C J Roy, founder of Confident group on Money Time

Tips to Verify a Company’s Reliability

While searching for information online, what does one look for to ascertain if a company is good or bad? How is it possible to determine if you should hire them or not, by just sitting in front of your screens? The answer is simple: customer reviews. We normally look at reviews left by prior clients to judge for ourselves whether a firm is reputable or not.

But what if the reviews have been left competitors using fake email ids? Sometimes, when there are too many glowing reviews about a company, fingers are pointed that those reviews are being written to boost their rankings in the search engines. However, if you think from the reverse angle, that negative reviews are being written purposely to influence users the wrong way, you have to admit that is a possibility as well. For example, a well-known company like Confident Group has so many negative reviews and complaints online, but most of their clients provide good reports about them verbally.

So what should you do in order to decide if an establishment is worth your time? Here are a few useful tips:

  • First and foremost – reviews might be a reliable source in some cases, but they shouldn’t be the only parameter while making up your mind.
  • As mentioned before, too many good reviews indicate foul play, but too many negative reviews smell fishy as well. Think carefully, how is the company still operation if people are threatening to sue them and how are they still getting clients if the reviews are accusing them to be cheats and frauds?
  • Good ol’ research always helps. Find out more about the company such as the services they provide, what kind of clients they deal with, if any complaints have actually been recorded and how they have been resolved etc.
  • Does the company have an office in the city where you live? Try to visit them and interact face-to-face with a representative. This will give you a better idea about them.
  • If you can’t visit them, try to get in touch with a former client via phone or email. Call the company office and ask them for references and contact details of prior customers. A reputable firm will be eager to assist you with this information.

The bottom line is that you should weigh all the pros and cons before you reach any decision, rather than regret later on.

Confident Group Reviews by Customers Staying in Confident Homes

1.      Dear Confident Group. Overall had a good experience and we got the same at the expected time. Thank you
Mr. Ratheesh S P
Flat No – 1606,
Confident Antlia-lll, Bangalore

2.      Dear Confident Group. As a resident, we feel very much proud of the 7 star rating by CRISIL to our project. The award is the result of highly dedicated Confident Group staff Kochi who worked sincerely under the Chairman Dr Roy C.J. We congratulate all your staff in winning this award.
Lt Col. Nair N.G
Flat No 202,
Confident Atria III, Kochi

3.      Dear Confident Group. Right from sales manager to commercial manager to customer support the experience is great and confident reputation has been held high.
Mr. Suresh Rajan
Flat No – 308, Block – E
Confident Atik (Bangalore)

4.      Dear Confident Group. Overall good, value for money.
Mrs. Lakshmi Shankar Ramachandran
Flat No - 111, Block – D
Confident Atik, Bangalore

5.      Dear Confident Group. Dealing with your group was smooth. I am happy with the way Mr. Ajith from the Customer support team responds to queries
Mr. Arvind Mohanvelu
Flat No - 206, Block – C
Confident Atik, Bangalore

6.      Dear Confident Group. Good quality work and approachable site engineer.
Mr. Satheesh Madampath
Flat No - 501,
Antlia-III, Bangalore

7.      Dear Confident Group. Responsive staff, co-operative staff both at office and site.
Mr. Kshitij Mukesh Verma
Flat No - 205, Block – D
Confident Atik, Bangalore

8.      Dear Confident Group. Good quality work.
Mr. Premjith Kumar Varma
Flat No – 601,
Antlia-III, Bangalore

9.      Dear Confident Group. Happy with the quality of work, site engineer has always been helpful and approachable.
Mr. Sajeev Madampath
Flat No - 502,
Antlia-III, Bangalore

10.  Dear Confident Group. Thanks a lot. I hear great things about the apartment from my parents after seeing it.
Mr. Anoop Koshy Philip
Flat No – 806,
Confident Atria III, Kochi

11.  Dear Confident Group. Mr. Ajith was very helpful. Good job appreciated. Keep it up.
Mr. Arun Deepak
Flat No - 111, Block – C
Confident Atik, Bangalore